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World Noni Research Foundation (WNRF), an autonomous institution devoted to research, development and product development on a single crop, Noni (Morinda citrifolia L) was established in 2006 as a continuum of Indian Noni Research Foundation founded in 2001. WNRF started systematic research on Noni since 2006 on areas of Crop Improvement and Management, Plant Protection, Clinical Sciences and Pharmacology and Food Science aspects which are guided by Research Advisory Board consisting of by eminent scientists of repute in the country. Need based projects are outsourced from all over India including ICAR institutions, State Agricultural Universities, Private Universities, research organizations through funding the competent projects for a period of one year to three years with an average funding of Rupees six to twelve lakhs. An amount of ` 32.7 million are invested by Noni Biotech Private Limited / WNRF for carrying out research on Noni crop improvement and management (35.6%), plant protection (22.0%), pharmacology (18.3%), clinical science (19.8%) and food science (4.3%) through 43 outsourced and one collaborative projects. In the whole world WNRF is the only research foundation solely dedicated to this single crop, Morinda citrifolia L. in all dimensions.


To create a Happy and Healthy Society through Research and Development on Noni (Morinda citrifolia L.).



  • To standardize and popularize organic cultivation of Noni to get sustainable production and thereby creating livelihood security of farming community and

  • To validate therapeutic actions of Noni and create Wellness awareness among people to provide health security by 2020.

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