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Prof. Sir. P. I. Peter, Ph.D.
Chairman, Noni BioTech
Vice-President, International Society for Noni Science
Founder, World Wellness Organization
12, Rajiv Gandhi Road
Perungudi, Chennai - 600 096
Tamil Nadu, India
Mobile : 09381050172, 173
Email :

Academic qualifications :

Graduate from University of Madras; D.Sc. (H.C) by Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Doctorate in Alternate Medicine from Medicina Alternativa International.

Present Position

Chairman, Noni BioTech Pvt. Ltd.
Managing Director, Wellness Noni Ltd.
Founder, World Noni Research Foundation
Founder, World Wellness Organization

Awards and Recognitions

  • Service Star Award in 2007, Malaysia.

  • Knight Commander was conferred in 2007, Colombo.

  • Pax Munda Peace Award-2010 was conferred by Medicina Alternativa International, Colombo.

  • Mother Theresa Life Time Achievement Award-2006, India.

Academic excellence

  • He established the First Wellness Community College in collaboration with Indira Gandhi  National Open University, New Delhi which offers Certificate and Diploma courses on Wellness related subjects.

  • As a prolific writer he authored a Monograph on Noni (Morinda citrifolia L.) and a 12 volume series on Wellness - all in several reprints and widely read. Many are translated to local languages.

  • He established World Noni Research Foundation with a Research Advisory Board consisting of Vice-Chancellors, eminent men and women of science who guide the scientific deliberations.

  • He encourages Noni science by promoting and funding research projects in Universities, Research Institutes and Private laboratories.

Research Accomplishments

  • A National Research Centre on Noni has been established at Chengalpet, Tamil Nadu.

  • He organized eight National Symposia on Noni Research (NoniSearch-2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013), 2010 World Congress on Noni Research.

  • Two journals -International Journal of Noni Research and Noni Clinical Research Journal-are published bi-annual.

  • Noni an unexploited and underutilized fruit has now attracted national and international attention because of his committed work.

  • A large number of unfortunate ones-HIV patients, cancer patients, leprory patients, invalids, diabetics-are getting solace and comfort from the Divine Noni, Prof. Peter administers as a gift of love.

  • Bringing Noni fruit to the present day crop speaks volumes about the commitment and contribution of Prof. P. I. Peter to science behind Noni.

  • As a therapist and healer he has brought new life to unfortunate ones in the society.

Chairman / President / Member in various Scientific / Academic committees

  • Chairman, Noni BioTech Pvt. Ltd.

  • Vice-President, International Society of Noni Science.

  • Member, National Organizing Committee, National Horticultural Congress - 2010.

  • Member, National Organizing Committee, Krishi Sammelan, New Delhi.

  • Chairman, International Organizing Committee, World Women Wellness Congress - 2009.

  • Vice-Chairman, National Organizing Committee, World Noni Congress - 2010.


1. Divine Noni Gold - A health enhancer
2. Organic Cultivation of Noni Plant.
3. Empower India Movement -  a movement to empower ordinary people to live a quality life.
4. World Wellness Forum - Conduct programmes to support optimal health.
5. World Wellness Open Univeristy - to impart Wellness education.
6.. Wellness Food Shop - to provide healthy and nutritious food.


Empower - Wellness Monthly, Since 2002
Noni News - Monthly Magazine, Since 2003
Noni Health Watch - Monthly Magazine, Since 2004
Vaazhiya Nalam - Tamil Wellness Monthly, Since 2011

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